Friday, February 11, 2011

The Southern Song Dynasty: Emperor Gaozong

        The first emperor of the Song dynasty was Gaozong. He began his rule very weakly, and the Song dynasty seemed to be heading downhill. The government was falling apart, and Gaozong had to try to form a new one. However, this attempt failed when he heard that the neighboring Jurchen army was invading. He and his court had to flee to a city near the Yangzi River, called Yangzhou. He had to relocate.
        But soon, they recieved news that the Jurchen invaders were arriving, and Gaozong ordered a group of courtiers to flee farther south wih his infant son, to the city of Hangzhou. After (mostly) everyone else fled, people started to doubt Gaozong's ability to restore the dynasty. A group of officials later conspired against him, forcing him to step down from power and bring his 3 year old son to power. Luckily his upporters helped him, and later brought him back to power.


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